Let’s suppose you’ve managed to round up a few dozens smart people, who each have posted on your site a few times. Now all that’s left is to lay back and watch the magic happen, right?

Wrong! If you stop here, you’ll pretty soon see traffic and engagement slide back down to zero, as people’s busy lives take over and they forget to visit your site.

This is why it’s very important to actively engage your community. And the easiest way to do this is to get people to ask questions.

Letting members have the spotlight has been a very successful way of growing engagement. Every month, I ask the community what they are working on. Those threads attract a lot of comments and are a great way for newcomers to introduce themselves.

Jean-Nicholas Hould, Bootstrappers.io

Simple questions can result in extremely popular threads with dozens or hundreds of replies. Examples include:

You can even make these threads into monthly events. For example, Hacker News features monthly “Who’s Hiring?” and ”Freelancer? Seeking Freelancer?” threads to help members find jobs.

Ask Me Anything

Of course, the ultimate question thread is the “AMA”, for “Ask Me Anything”, where you get a well-known personality to answer your members’ questions.

Since the Bootstrappers.io launch in September ‘14, we’ve hosted more than a dozen AMA’s with inspiring business bootstrappers. The value created by those events is unbelievable.

Jean-Nicholas Hould, Bootstrappers.io

Not only is this a fantastic way to generate engagement, it’s also usually quite fun (not to mention a nice ego boost) for the person doing the answering, too.

A popular AMA on Bootstrappers.io.


  • Line up AMAs with three different people for your community.
  • Start a recurring monthly question thread (e.g. “What are you currently working on?”).